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Rebirth Draft

Rebirth Draft

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Monument Valley is Out Today!

Written by Elliott Finn

Remember that stunning, Escher-inspired puzzle game for iOS that you saw the trailer for a few months ago? Well, you can play it right now!

(Click here for the full article)

So between Fez and Monument Valley, which do you think I’ll finish first?

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04/10/13 - dreams

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Mentally Unfit

I’m always moved by stories of mental illness because our minds (and our bodies) seem to be the most uncontrollable and unpredictable thing. They are all we have and every measure to protect them never seems enough. And, to some small, unspeakable extent, I feel that I’m constantly on the verge of witnessing someone I love, or even myself, being subsumed by irreversible insanity. 

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I want y’all to read this

The article seems to date back to 2010 (from what I’m gathering in the footnotes), and it’s worth mentioning that while the ideas are still central to Gaga’s career thus far, the addition of Born This Way and ARTPOP—the imagery, the fashion, and of course the music and performances of the two albums—continue to evolve the discourse surrounding the culture of Gaga’s artistry. Some of the ideas grasped by these writers are no longer relevant, or have changed in the last four years—which in itself reinforces her continual transformative state.

And to top it all off, it’s even more immensely (dare I say it) satisfying to witness ‘journalists’ (I use the term loosely here) and writers essentially chronicling the so called demise of Lady Gaga (of which she predicted very early on in her career), while she’s still profusely noticed by many media outlets (whether negatively or positively), garnering a number of partnerships and collaborations (Doritos, Virgin), and selling out shows. If she were truly fading out, you wouldn’t notice at all… she would just disappear and that would be that. And then we could truly say, “what happened to Lady Gaga?” Except people are still clamouring to explain how she’s on her way out; oh, she broke her hip last year, and now she’s in a feud with her management; ARTPOP is selling poorly, and her tour reportedly cost millions and billions of dollars; her outfits and her videos are no longer shocking; it seems the media knows exactly what’s happening to Lady Gaga.

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Tumblr is a funny place, because my readers (edit: wait, I meant to say followers… wow) can only get to know me insofar as by what I choose to post (and what not to post), and I keep leaving out the more contented side of me, when I’m not so mopey and melancholic. Nevertheless, I’m sorry for all the blanks I constantly leave out, though I’m sure not many are looking for it anyhow haha. I promise I’m not as persistently dejected as I seem (but don’t quote me on that actually haha).

I will however say that I’m trying to learn how to be by myself again and in the meantime teaching myself the hard hitting choreography to G.U.Y.